Reflections — Max Langenkamp

A journal for the Spring 2018 class Principles of Awareness
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Reflections — Max Langenkamp
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New Discussion on Mar 22
Hane Lee: As a contrast, in science and engineering, we try to create absolutes in these fields by eliminating subjectivity as much as possible. While I do appreciate this pursuit of objectivity and recogni...
Max Langenkamp: I do think in many fields of science, the illusion of objectivity is pernicious. The whole culture around ‘p-gaming’ or repeating experiments until a significance level is reached is clear evidence...
New Discussion on Mar 20
Aashka Dave: There are definitely times when I feel this in reverse! For instance, I’ll say something that I mean in a very light or pragmatic sense, and it’s misinterpreted by the person on the other end; they...
Max Langenkamp: Yeah; I think trust is a really important foundation to have when you’re talking about issues dear to you. You have to trust that the other person will interpret charitably and not prematurely dis...
New Discussion on Mar 20
Aashka Dave: Curious reader asking: why is your show called The White Tiger?
Max Langenkamp: My cousin passed away earlier this year after a prolonged struggle with brain cancer. One of the last things he and his dad did was this art project that centered around the white tiger as a symbol...
Aashka Dave: I’m so sorry to hear that, Max, and simultaneously glad to hear that your cousin is the recipient of such a thoughtful tribute. A good family friend of mine passed away earlier this year, also from...
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New Discussion on Feb 22
Anna WB: Fascinating! Have you decided which types of silence best resonate with you?
Max Langenkamp: I’m still trying to understand the different types of silence. At best right now, I feel comfortable with the distinction between internal and external silence. Do you have different categories you...
Anna WB: Not really— internal vs external silence makes sense, but I’m not enough of a connoisseur to distinguish much more than that. I also think expectation of any sort creates a different type of silence.