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New Discussion on May 7
Carlos Paiva: Do you think this as a ‘reader’ or as a ‘writer’? I ask that because I find that doing creative/artistic works is one of the most liberating activities, one that reflects so well in our professiona...
Anna WB: Predominantly as a ‘writer.’ Yes— I also get rusty when I go too long without doing creative things… but then the stories start sucking bandwidth from my other thoughts, so I need to write them down.
New Discussion on Apr 19
Bianca Datta: This sounds very intense
New Discussion on Apr 19
Bianca Datta: Why do you choose the word need here? Is this something you feel you lack and you want, or is it based on an external impetus?
Anna WB: It’s something I think would make me happier.
New Discussion on Apr 19
Bianca Datta: Do you enjoy these interactions? Or is it more of a checking the boxes kind of thing? Or a little of both? Or neither :)?
Anna WB: A bit of both… I definitely do feel better when I’ve got social activities, but I haven’t quite figured out the right balance.
New Discussion on Apr 19
Bianca Datta: My brother is an undergrad here and I’ve noticed this about him, too. It made me laugh at first because we were raised in the same place by the same people, so I assumed we would have similar noti...
Anna WB: Haha, my brother didn’t go to MIT and he’s really good at doing nothing with friends…Do you think your brother picked this up in undergrad, or was he like that before?
New Discussion on Feb 18
Joichi Ito: 👍
New Discussion on Feb 18
Joichi Ito: As I mentioned, your mileage my vary, but worth trying. Peter, my teacher, will be coming to a class, but you can join one of his classes and try it out.