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Journey of the Unaware

Published onFeb 21, 2018
Journey of the Unaware

Feb 21st, 2018

Awareness of Awareness

I have long struggled with sustaining an awareness in the last few months. What did I struggle sustaining actually? Am I aware of what awareness is? If awareness was so clear, integral, and vital to me, wouldn’t it have been possible nourish and maintain it? I will venture to articulate what I am aware of awareness.

Awareness is the ability to notice and comprehend different layers of life. The immediately available layer is the layer of physical surface - the color, shape, smell, physics of things. The second layer is the physical or biological responses that take place through the interaction in the first layer. Pleasure that we get from eating, and touching are here. Then, there is the layer of models that describe the seen, including economic, social and historical realities. We dare not to cross this layer. Beyond this point, awareness becomes metaphysical. It appeals to meanings, consciousness and feelings. It cultivates in nonlinear paths and directions.

It is as if, after growing through the soil, the seed is reaching the fresh air for the first time. The seed cannot rationalize beyond the soil. The air, the world of the unseen, the sun and the air is all beyond comprehension. They can only be sensed. The sensations mature as the seed matures into a tree.

Awareness is the seed, the root, the plant, and the fruit. We nourish it layer by layer, breath after breath,a something fresh and unimaginable at everystepr.

Similarly, the word awareness has many layers, and I can only grasp them as I embrace the world of the unseen. This is the journey of finding awareness by gaining awareness. Awareness is the process of self-actualization.

Anna WB: There’s a passage in Destructive Emotions that made me think of this, about the three levels of consciousness (gross, subtle, and very subtle) acting like different levels of the ocean. On page 80 in my book:"When we say various levels of consciousness, it's not like three streams running in parallel-it's more like the ocean with its different depths. Emo­tions concern the gross and the subtle level but do not affect the most subtle one. They could be compared to waves on the surface of the ocean while the fundamental nature of mind corresponds to the ocean's depth. "The very subtle level is sometimes referred to as 'luminous,' but when we speak of the luminous aspect of mind, it does not mean that there is something glowing somewhere. The adjective 'luminous' refers simply to the basic faculty of being aware, without any coloration from mental constructs or emotions. When this basic awareness, sometimes called 'the ultimate nature of mind,' is fully and directly realized, without veils, this is also con­sidered to be the nature of Buddhahood."
Mehmet Efe Akengin: I think our consciousness focus on one or two layer at a time, but it is possible to deepen our awareness of different layers. For example, when we are focused on our hunger, it becomes much harder to perceive the deeper layers.
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