Joi's Journal for Spring 2018 Awareness Class

Sharing my practice over the spring semester as I take my journey along with the students.
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Joi's Journal for Spring 2018 Awareness Class
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New Discussion on May 9
Carlos Paiva: With time I saw myself valuing more the religious traditions that appreciate more these moments of peace than any other manifestations (lights, sounds, etc). And, in the end, this peace is much mor...
New Discussion on Feb 23
Holly Haney: How do you make them out? Is it a visualization, more physical…?
Joichi Ito: They are sort of a mix between feelings/emotions and thoughts/questions. There is a slight visual component in that when I go meta there may be a bit of a visual change. (I’m doing this with my eye...
Gef Fahey: This sounds similar to Dōgen.