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New Discussion on May 5
Katie Lewis: I connect with this and also like the next section as well. I think framing it in these ways really encourage me to continue meditating :)
New Discussion on Mar 27
Katie Lewis: I’ve been thinking about the same question recently. Especially when it comes to relationships or interactions with others.. let me know if you have any insights :)
Tara Sowrirajan: This is a hard question. :) I think a quote I like is that ‘we accept the love we think we deserve’ …. and maybe this ties to self-compassion and knowing what is good for us in terms of our relatio...
New Discussion on Mar 4
Kat A.: I really like this thought process
Océane Boulais: I resonate with this. Sometimes I think that if I meditate in noisy environments successfully (definition of success is very subjective here), I can meditate more deeply in my “safe-zones”. Do you ...
Tara Sowrirajan: Definitely! However usually meditation does not come to mind as a first response to do in extreme moments - I hope I can bring more awareness to that!
New Discussion on Mar 4
Kat A.: what was the motivation for this attitude? it seems like a really good one to have, but I’m curious about it’s origins
Tara Sowrirajan: I think I (and people) tend to be very self-critical and judgmental. So I feel like in trying to cultivate non-judgement in my lifestyle, I should also cultivate that in my practice! I also heard s...
Joichi Ito: I also try very hard not to judge during meditation. I find it allows things to rise up and be seen and then gently released. If I am judging, those things that might be judged might not feel as fr...
New Discussion on Mar 4
Kat A.: I feel the same way
New Discussion on Mar 3
Ziv Epstein: How will you break it? Will you commemorate the moment with some intentional ritual, or let it fade into the monotony of another day?
Tara Sowrirajan: It is actually really hard for me to break it :) I have a really hard time letting go of the streak. So I think to make it a celebrated moment would help and make it joyful :) I like this idea of h...
Joichi Ito: Maybe we should have a streak breaking ceremony for everyone in the class working on various meditation streaks. :-)